“We’re WAY Too Popular for Regular Life!”

Welcome Everybody! I know some are wondering exactly what this blog will be about. Well, I have two very busy, rambunctious little boys under the age of 5, that are Full of Life and Energy! At the very least, their shenanigans need to be shared and exposed so that they can spread joy among others as well 🙂 The insight of this blog will come directly through me, their Mommy! I am currently a stay-at-home Mom/Wife and have a front row seat to the boy’s everyday antics. Regularly giving my personal Facebook page a glimpse of them hasn’t seemed to be enough. People demand them! They ask me questions about them! They want to see more pics and videos of them! They steal the scene out in public! People Love Them!! So I created their Own site, and here is where you’ll find it all!! While I encourage colorful content and relevant commentary, please remember that these are KIDS and be respectful in that light. These are my prized possessions and sharing them with the world is a privilege. Now that we have the technicalities out of the way, let’s have some fun!! I present to you…. Dj ‘N’ Devin!!!


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