When You Realize They’re Truly YOUR Kids…

DjNDevin in Club W Box

Every day we sit back and observe our little ones grow, mature, form personalities, and began to form specific interests. While most of the time we smile at the little antics that come forth with our kids, other times we have to flat out shake our heads. DJ is turning into a stubborn, slick-mouthed risk taker who Never takes No for an answer, but is quite smart, compassionate and loving (much like his Father). Then there’s Devin. At 10 months old, you can look at him and see right into my soul, lol. He’s a feisty and bossy little busy-body aggressive person, that likes to fight, fuss, and talk back. He also isn’t too privy to doing whatever it is that you told him to do. My babies!

Your parents always tell you that they can’t wait until you have children of your own, so you will get to experience the pain that you put them through. I now Completely understand this concept! The next time that I ask DJ to perform a task and he responds with “Pardon Me Mommy?? What are you trying to say?”, I’m going to hide all of his action figures and tell him that they went to live with another family! What 4yr old says Pardon Me??? Well, one who’s mother is a certified grammar nazi and used to proofread essays in college as a work-study job. My fault :-/  I guess I would rather him speak intellectually than spit out a host of “finna/boutas” I just wish he wouldn’t check the hell outta Me! Then it’s the fact that he greets each parental re-direction as an opportunity to debate and argue his case while on trial. Mr. Robinson, Sr. you say??… Devin probably has like three more times to punch me closed fist in the face and then annoyingly grunt at me as if he’s going to Completely kick my ass the next time I upset him. He’s kinda bi-polar (and I use that term very lightly, as I would never disrespect anyone with a legit mental illness. My career was in mental health. I love y’all! 🙂 My baby is a mixture of a refreshingly sweet and comforting, loving little heart, with a taste of short-tempered non-tolerance, and the boldness to lash out aggresively Fast when he is not happy or in a situation that makes him uncomfortable. Hey Mommy! 😛

I try to always remember that our children will always be a reflection of us and model what we do, however some traits they will automatically inherit no matter what. Those are probably the things that will frustrate us the most and truly cause us to stop and look at the bigger picture. Who do we want our children to be and why? Who do We want to be and why? I have become more mindful of my actions since I’ve become a parent, but my little devil comes out quite often. It’s quite natural though, and nothing that I’m going to lose sleep over. I am one of those parents who will have open dialogue with my kids about how much our shit stinks and what we might need to do to fix it!

For now, embrace your little mini-mes and Thank God you have been given the blessing to be able to see yourself manifested through the creation of life that you made with another person. I’m gonna love on mine every chance I get! I’m still shaking my head though…

As you can see in the above pic, I caught mine terrorizing my Wine Club box. If you know me at All, then you know that These Are Defintely MY Kids!!!! 😀


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