All Those Times You Realized that You Didn’t Want to Have Anymore Kids…

Devin In Laundry Basket

Sooooo, it’s Saturday…at 12pm…I’ve had my Starbucks and oatmeal, brushed my teeth, and put on bra. Now I wait. Wait for one of the usual suspects to light the firecracker, and then the other to come throw it at my head! They’re quiet though. Eerily quiet. Complete silence is Not a good thing with two children under 5, and so the games begin!

Let me preface this by first saying that I Dearly love both of my babies and they are my entire world!!! Like Entire world! After a heart-wrenching battle with an ectopic pregnancy, and a now healthy and happy 11-month old, I Truly understand the value of motherhood and the ability to reproduce! I’m no fool though…And I also understand the meaning of knowing when to wave your white flag and go take your darn birth control pill! My husband and I have two VERY special, healthy and beautiful children that we brought into this world, and guess what else??? We’re done! Now, I know stuff happens and eggs still get fertilized even when not expected to. IF we can however avoid the obvious, we will. That’s just us though. As a Mom, with my two little darlings, I know that there are ALWAYS those times when you pause and realize “you definitely aren’t having anymore kids!”

  • You walk into the bathroom and realize that the 4-year old has not only used your $20 eyeliner to color in his Spider-Man book, but that the 11-month old is trying to eat whatever is left of your contribution to the Christian Dior makeup line…You JUST Realized that you don’t want anymore kids! 
  • There’s some kind of dangerously hostile battle going on in the living room about whether to watch “Daniel the Tiger” or “Hulk vs. Iron Man” and you’re pretty sure someone is going to lose a limb…You JUST Realized that you don’t want anymore kids! 
  • The 4-year old finds a way to wrap himself up SO ridiculously in his seat belt that you and your husband have to cut him out of the back seat to retrieve him safely…You JUST Realized that you don’t want anymore kids! 
  • You go into Active labor and that first real contraction hits before they can give you an epidural…You JUST Realized that you don’t want anymore kids! 
  • You Completely miss the freakin timeframe for when you can actually Get an epidural, turned into the chick from The Exorcist,  and end up having a completely natural birth…You JUST Realized that you don’t want anymore kids! 
  • You’re nursing at 4am, for the third time that night, and break out into the official “Mom Cry”, then come back in the bedroom and your husband is so perfectly cuddled into the covers sound asleep…You JUST Realized that you don’t want anymore kids!
  • You found Iron Man in your dishwasher because Tony Stark was ‘taking a shower’ and a Minion floating in the toilet because he was “doing like they did in the movie Mommy!”…You JUST Realized that you don’t want anymore kids! 

Last but not least, you find the 11-month old as pictured above. This was a basket of clean laundry. It was totally full and you have No idea where he’s relocated the other two-thirds of the items to…You not ONLY just realized that you don’t want anymore kids, but that you’re probably going to miss yet another event because you can’t find the pants that you just washed! HA! 😉

Easy Breezy Post! Have a Great Day!!


12 thoughts on “All Those Times You Realized that You Didn’t Want to Have Anymore Kids…

  1. LOL!!!! LOVE it! Your family is my family only with smaller kiddies LOL! Our 6 and 10 year olds never cease to amaze me with their antics but I DEFINITELY now that we don’t want anymore kids. Done. Finito. Ship has sailed. Hehehe

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  2. Lol. Mice way to tie the lady post (and negative comments) into this one. My wife and I have one (I have kids by my ex wife) but we are done. And yes I’m sure you have a lot more examples of why you won’t have more kids but didn’t want to turn this post into a book

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  3. I came across your previous post on a Facebook link and wanted to comment on this post. As a blogger, author and Mommy of two boys, I loved your posts! I think they’re awesome, honest and heck, it’s your life. And it’s your business if you decided to decline on going to a function or event because life happens.Too bad others don’t get it or are way too perfect and never had a function that they didn’t want to go to for whatever reason. Besides it’s how you decline the event that matters. I wish you all the best and I look forward to reading more of your posts. You have a new follower!

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  4. WOW, Your blog is amazing! I just stumbled upon it as a friend shared “6 Reasons why we probably won’t attend your event” AND I WAS ROLLING AND AMEN-ING AND TESTIFYING. Thanks for your real-ness. Keep it coming!

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