DJ & Devin’s Response to All the Critics…


Hi! So we’ve heard about all of the controversy over Mommy’s recent blog post “6 Reasons My Husband and I Probably Won’t Make Your Event, and Why We Don’t Want You to Take it Personal…”, and we wanted to sound off on some of the responses. We promise not to take up much of your time because we know everyone is busy, plus we have to get back to playing with Mommy & Daddy! We Love our parents and it would only be right to defend them. Please keep in mind though that we’re only 11 months and 4 years old, so harsh comments might be a bit inappropriate and unnecessary towards us 😦

So here’s why we think you’re mad at Mommy & Daddy, and why we’ll always defend their honor…

  • A lot of people are REALLY upset about Mommy’s mention of RSVPing to two events and not being able to attend. Mommy & Daddy did Not just flake on their friends! BOTH parties were notified of the last-minute absence and given sincere apology as to why they couldn’t attend. Mommy even has a very nice baby gift for her expecting friend who’s shower she couldn’t attend!
  • Mommy didn’t write her post to offend single moms, childless women, or those that are not married. My brother and I aren’t all that good at reading yet, but I don’t think her post pointed any particular group out. She was speaking to whomever needed to receive it. If you became offended, it might be because Mommy touched an unspoken nerve on your Own behalf! Don’t be mean to my Mommy though! 😦
  • WHY WHY WHY are you all wishing divorce on our Mommy & Daddy?? You guys don’t get to see or be around them and realize just how much they love each other! It’s a very positive image for my brother and I to observe because it will teach us how to love our spouses when we grow up! Mommy isn’t co-dependent on Daddy. Daddy loves Mommy to death and is always by her side! She knows she can depend on him for anything and he knows she always has his back! We think it’s pretty cool!!  🙂
  • Contrary to what most assumed, Mommy & Daddy didn’t have an actual wedding, or bridal shower, or any of that other stuff you guys brought up. They had a really small ceremony composed of those they care for and who care for them. We also know our parents personally, and they don’t get their feathers ruffled by much. So not being able to attend an event they planned wouldn’t ruin their lives. They’d understand it and get over it. They realize that life doesn’t always work out the way you intend it to! 😉
  • My Mommy & Daddy actually DO have social lives, with each other and separately with their own respective friends. They’ve attended lots of weddings, baby showers, house-warmings, and birthday parties! Sometimes we don’t even wanna go but they make us! Obviously those were times when all the planets aligned perfectly in the Universe, and they were effortlessly able to attend.
  • My Mommy & Daddy have A LOT on their plates and they don’t complain about it.  They make humor out of it, which eases the load for us too. We don’t ever see our parents arguing or fighting or stressed out! Most of what they do, or do not do, is all for the benefit of us, so that our future is secure and bright!! My Mommy recently quit her full-time job as a Director to stay at home with us and make sure the house was running smoothly and that Daddy was also being taken care of. She makes sure that I (DJ) gets to and from school everyday (Pre-K is a pretty big deal! :-D), and she tends to my baby brother while I’m at school. She makes time to go on field trips with me and always makes sure I have a yummy healthy lunch made daily, plus lots of other cool stuff that takes a lot of dedication and time on her part. Whenever I have a “bright yellow day” at school, Mommy takes me to Starbucks for my favorite white milk shake! :)…My Daddy makes sure my uniform is pressed and fresh daily, and shows me how to tie my shoes and put on my tie like a big boy! He even takes us to the park and for walks when Mommy needs some alone time. My parents even have their own outside businesses and commitments that they make to the community. While my Daddy works full-time at a school, he also does Uber on weekends, and is the host of a popular Podcast, I94, with his good friends! How cool! My Mommy owns her own business and has her own hair product line that will actually soon be in stores. I’ve watched her sit at the kitchen table and make each bottle one by one, and then we go to the post office to ship them out! That’s pretty awesome to me and shows me an entrepreneurial spirit early on! You guys should check out her site at to see just how much more she does! Maybe even buy her product if you support her! She’s also got a well-followed Fan Page for her company on Facebook, at
  • Some of you guy’s scrutinized my Mommy’s grammar and writing style, but she’s actually a pretty Great and accomplished writer! Maybe you guys should go read her two published articles on and and  🙂
  • Mommy & Daddy appreciate their friends. We’ve got A LOT of really cool “aunts and uncles” that we get to see all of the time, and they understand our busy lives, but still Love us! Mommy & Daddy have always taught us to hold on to nothing that doesn’t want to hold on to us! So if someone doesn’t want to be apart of Mommy and Daddy’s lives for whatever reason, they don’t sweat it, and neither will we! Those who want to be here aren’t going anywhere. Besides, they will always still have plenty that DO support them and us!

Well, we have to go now because it’s almost our bedtime, Mommy still has to read me a story and make my brother’s bottle, and Daddy promised to play hide ‘n’ seek with me after my bath. I hope we cleared up some stuff for you guys here, but if not, our family still has no hard feelings towards you! Like I tell my Mommy all the time, “DJ Loves ALL the people, and ALL the people Love DJ!” 😉


28 thoughts on “DJ & Devin’s Response to All the Critics…

  1. Hi. I read your post the other day and loved it. I guess it’s because I’m a bit different. My husband and I have been married for almost 14 years. We have 4 children (ages 13, 9, 6, and 2) and love family time.

    As a blogger, I know that people will have their opinions, but let me encourage you to keep on doing what you are doing as spouses, parents, and bloggers. Your transparency and humor was great. I literally laughed out loud on that last post. It is also the reason why I subscribed. I hate that you felt you had to justify why you said all that you expressed in that fabulous post that so many people read.

    Those of us that understand, really do understand. We have kids and are in healthy relationships. We love reading posts by people like us. We are your real target audience. Everyone else…it’s nice that they stopped by, but count on the fact that they just might not be able to relate, for various reasons.

    I have been blogging for 8 years and I enjoyed your transparency.

    I hope you found this encouraging. I pray that God would help you continue to be confident in the choices that you make and that continue to encourage others with posts like the one I read earlier this week.

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    • Makeda, Thank You SO much for your positivity and encouragement. I honestly take the blatant negativity with a grain of salt, but I also have gained some perspective as well. It’s refreshing to hear from those like myself who know how to laugh and find the humor!! Thanks for following and supporting my blog!! Much Love!


      • Good to know. Since this was the second post that I’ve read on your blog, I wasn’t sure how it affected you, but I wanted to encourage you anyway.

        You are more than welcome 🙂

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  2. Prefect response! I really enjoyed your original post. My husband and I could really relate, the odd thing is no matter how something is written or said, there’s always going to be people who have something to say- Honesty is rarely appreciated,Lol. I look forward to reading more blog post from you. Peace,Queen. . I also shared it on my Facebook.

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  3. Somehow, the original post showed up on my FB feed, and I clicked on it because of the title. I can relate to that. The comments, however, blew me away. What’s up with that? I think the RSVPed thing was misunderstood…I interpreted it to mean a confirmation that you would go, not that you had committed to it months in advance. And all the comments of ‘Just say no to begin with’ made me think of all the times that I really wanted to attend something, was genuine when I agreed to go, then got caught up in the reality of what was actually going on that day. The truth is, plans are always tenuous when you have a toddler.

    …and the comment (on the original article) about taking a nap and going to bed early to prepare? Ha. Ha. Ha. Right. The point someone made about checking the computer and having the time to write a blog post as a priority? Blog posts get written when you’re trying to take a few gulps of coffee while the kids are occupied. Although you may be in yoga pants with your hair in a ponytail, it’s the tiny fraction of time that you get to express what’s on your mind.

    Now that morning nap time sounds like it’s over (crying coming from the nursery), I have to sign out…my 17 minutes of free time has expired…

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  4. I love this reply to the nay sayers of your post! My thoughts on this are along the same lines, those who had to post a large amount of negativity had the mirror turned towards themselves and they didn’t like what they saw in themselves. I really didn’t think that your post was about last minute excuses for every invitation that was extended. Some are, obvious, sick kids/spouse, you absolutly can’t go, not becsuse you don’t want to, but because you don’t want to be a germ carrier and get someone else sick … most people understand this (we don’t get advanced notice with illness!). Most other invitations have less notice, like just a casual get together with friends or family (usually a short notice thing; anywhere from a few days to a few weeks notice).

    Your thoughts (and the some of the comments on the previous post) reflect on some important deficits in our society today. We emphasise the importance of how many attend an event (20 vs 200?), that it’s what you get, not what you give and what they miss is that it should be about the celebration with the most important people in your life at that moment. You have to do what you feel is right at that time for you and your family. When I got married, I invited family, close friends and co-workers; about 75 people; some RSVP’d and some didn’t respond at all (including future in-laws!). Maybe half of the invitees attended and I realized that the most important people to me where there to celebrate the most important event in my life and that was ALL THAT MATTERED! The people who didn’t RSVP? Well, 1) it was their loss for missing a great party and 2) they really weren’t an important part of my life at that time (like the in-laws that didn’t attend) and it wasn’t that big a deal.

    People change and move in and out of our lives and I don’t expect my friend from College or a past co-worker to be at my wedding if we don’t see each other regularly, because we’ve grown in different directions. On the flip side, if we are close and you have a sick child or spouse, I don’t want you at an event where there are lots of people. We’ll get together at a different time and have a grand celebration in our style! We’ll get over it. If the invitation was sent say a few days ago and you couldn’t go because you couldn’t get someone to watch the kids … understandable in this day and age. I want someone I trust and my kids know and are comfortable with. Its just that simple. If you just don’t want to go, that’s ok, just tell me. Sometimes short notice just doesn’t work at that time. Maybe another time?

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  5. I loved this response and loved the original post even more!!! I can totally relate even still and my daughter is 17! Peace and blessings to you and your fam!

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  6. I love everything about your original article and I love that you blog for the kids! I just love it! My children are 14,8 and 5 so this blog was just what the doctor ordered! Keep writing the truth in love!!

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  7. I saw your original post all over FB opened it, loved it and followed your blog. I cant believe people were commenting negative things on your post. Anywho. I LOVE YOUR BLOG KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

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  8. Love this reply and the original post! Keep ’em coming! I’m a fellow SAHM of four kids and a pastor’s wife, so I shared your blog on my FB page because you said exactly how we feel sometimes about the many many events we are invited to attend. Blessings to you and your family!

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  9. This is too adorable. I have been very vocal about enjoying the original article. Crap happens and we have to roll with the punches. Opinions are like butt holes and everyone has one. I completely get it. I remember one time we the kids were with my mom and we had gotten dressed, my husband sat down and said “babe I’m so tired and I would rather stay home”. Me, knowing the week he had just experienced, understood and I made the choice to call and cancel our attendance. I get it girl!!!!! Much love and continued blessings

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  11. Oh good GRIEF!!! I’m actually embarrassed for you. You can backtrack now, lady. Even if you try to be “cute” and write it as if your kid’s saying it. And you can’t take back the tone of your original garbage post either.

    Am ‘A’ for effort though…


  12. I see mommy talking a lot but not daddy. I think these are just mommy’s sentiments not daddy’s. I’m sure he wishes your ‘I’m so happy I’m off the market ass’ would go out and leave him alone.

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