Prozac and Pinot Grigio

ProzacNPinot Pic

It’s an age-old taboo. An unspoken past time. The elephant in the room that everybody pretends as if they can’t see. We joke about it, frown our noses up regarding it, make mean judgmental snooty remarks, and don’t even realize the amount of us that are really out there…Medicated Wine-Controlled Mommies. Let’s get a bit real here. The average stay-at-home Mom is currently stirring up her special coffee-concoction during nap time, and hoping no one bothers her for at least an hour. We can put up fronts and play nice, but let’s always remember those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

About four or five months ago I was prescribed the pretty popular little miracle pill called Prozac. My husband was tired of being yelled at for the telephone bill being paid a day late, my employees didn’t talk to me until after 10am every morning, my 3yr old had begun mimicking me and regularly yelling as his way of getting people’s attention, and anytime someone brought up something I didn’t want to hear I’d annihilate their lives and make them wish that they were never born. My doctor thought I might have a bit of anxiety 😛

Now, I’ve always been a pretty transparent person firstly because I’ve never truly cared what others thought, and secondly, because you never know when your story might help someone! I always encourage people to get it out before it explodes and takes over from within. Stress is serious and nobody really wants to talk about it. Especially Black women. We seem to think that the more unimportant self-righteous crap that we can add to our daily agendas will make us seem perfect, untouchable, and ultimately as if we can save the World. Well guess what?? We can’t! We have to start saving our sanity!

I’m no glorified pill popper, but I must say that my mood altering chemical imbalance has shifted back to the ‘safe zone’ since the start of my remarkable little blue and white buddies. Do I depend on them? Nah, but I now have a clear enough perspective to more reasonably and rationally work things out without a four-alarm fire ensuing. I say all of this to let my fellow Mommies know that when and if you need help, Get It, and Fast! You cannot live up to a stereotype or be stigmatized if you don’t actually subscribe to the terms of such. You can however become a vicious Medusa head Mommy who doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going, and two minutes from a complete mentally-shattering emotional meltdown.

Now there’s the wine…Let me say this and then we aren’t even going to have to address it anymore ladies. I, Patrice Robinson, will NOT now, nor ever, apologize for my wine consumption! I am a grown Ass woman who often needs a chill down period that a cup of tea just won’t do justice for. We as women have to stop being sorry for how we feel and the things that we need and want to do! A glass of wine here and there never hurt anybody, and three glasses more will guarantee that you’re too damn sleepy to care about any of those people anyway! 😀 I’m not saying become an alcoholic where you cannot function to properly care for your children, yourself, or your husband. You better find your outlet though, and you better utilize it as often as needed. So go join a wine club, chat up the wine enthusiast in the ‘Wine & Spirits’ section of your local grocer, find out what your palate prefers, buy some good wine glasses, and become the lush that you long to be! Don’t be sorry or feel guilty for any of this either, because the next time Little Joe Joe drives his truck up your newly painted walls, you’ll thank me!

Seriously though, we as women have to start owning our mental health, stability, and overall quality of life. Of course all joking aside, this post isn’t to promote the abuse of any controlled substance or prescribed medication (and you probably shouldn’t take the two together). I instead want you to gain a little insight and know that you’re not alone. Us Mommies do A LOT, and we don’t always know when it’s time to take care of ourselves. Maybe you need to eat healthier or maybe you need to incorporate a new exercise regimen. Me? I’m sticking with my good ole P & P! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Prozac and Pinot Grigio

  1. Thank you for writing this post. I started a blog around the realities of post Parton anxiety and how to find your way back to yourself. You are absolutely right, if you need help go out and find it fast. You are a better woman, mother, and wife with the right support. More women of color need to talk about the realities of mental health issues and how we can support one another during these difficult times!

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  2. Man! Sometimes, just sometimes the Tylenol and glass of wine will save a marriage or life. I know someone would think I am crazy for seeing and nodding at every point in this article, but I get it. One night I was so worked up but tired from mom, wife, house duties….i poured the wine and sat it on the counter. Went to the cabinet to get the Tylenol PM, because i was ready to call it and night and beg for a do-over. Well maybe its age or the fact that I had 3 kids under 5, but when I woke up I found the pills in my robe (never took them) and the wine was in the same place I left it! I was so wore out that I couldn’t even wind down right. Crazy huh

    Fyi: Was just introduced to your blog and I love it. You are saying it all as we are thinking it. Thank you for sharing.

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    • Lol, Thank You SO Much Tanela! I know I bring up a Lot of controversial topics here that can be a bit debatable in nature, however, those that get it shall receive it accordingly! Keep doing your thing Mommy and Thanks for your support!! 😉


  3. I fully agree, and must add that smoking weed can save just as many crisis situations as wine/prozac. With the stigma being lifted, especially with legalization happening at such rates across the country, medical marijuana is a natural, safe alternative and there should be no shame in taking a toke to chill out .

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  4. A lot can be said for good bud, as well. Stop the stigma, medical marijuana for anxiety and stress can save many a crisis situation. A couple tokes is practically the same as a glass of wine.


  5. I enjoyed reading your articles. I truly understand about trying to be a super woman! Woman especially black women need to learn how to relax and just let go. We take on so much throughout our journeys and more than often forget about ourselves. For many of us my age which is over 50, find ourselves taking care of an aging parent on top of our other responsibilities. When the pressure hits we explode😡! It’s not always good either😜, So I applaud you for writing this post!!! I had to sit my ass down for a week after having emergency oral surgery. I run my own business and have another one opening in November. By the 1sr of the year I’ll be opening another. I needed that break to regroup and just do nothing. I spent time with my mom who will be 84 and loves a good Budweiser. We talked, ate and had a good time. So thanks from a fellow Saluki in Michigan . I’m enjoying reading your articles! You’re right on point!!!!

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  6. I read a post a while back about “why your friends aren’t clapping…” and loved it so much that I shared it with many friends. Then I came back and read a couple more posts which are excellent. I want to point out that not only you but people posting in comments quite often refer to black women and women of color. I say “yay” and I rise up with you. However, I want you to know that there are many non black, with not as colorful skin that feel you, they hear you and support you too. We have the same issues as the ones I read today and in the past. So far, I haven’t read anything in your blog that is different. I read a ton of information everyday and your blog is the one that I WANT to sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy.
    Congratulations, keep pouring out great work.

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